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AI-powered MRI screening for cancer: fast, accurate, affordable

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AI-powered Features

Feature 1.
Detecting metastatic lymph nodes

The lymph nodes are the first to get metastases in the spread of cancer, they can be seen by the radiologist. AI recognizes metastatic lymph nodes and highlights them on scans.

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Feature 2.
Instant report generation

Reports creation takes up most of the radiologist's work time. The AI issues a report instantly, allowing more patients to be examined.

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Feature 3.
The most accurate neoplasms recognition on MRI

Diagnosing cancer in the early stages saves lives. Small tumors can be overlooked. The AI detects small neoplasms and creates a bounding box around the neoplasm with annotation.

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Reports completion faster compared with voice recognition software
Detection's accuracy of Metastatic lymph nodes
Survival rate higher due to early stage cancer detection

Your profits


Instant cancer detection and report generation


Software subscription prices start from $27/day


99% accuracy of metatastatic lymph nodes detection


Bounding boxex and annotations easy to understand


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